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Train your dog for life

Personalized in-home dog training that lasts a lifetime

Are you overwhelmed, tired, and frustrated because your dog doesn't seem to understand or listen? It's normal to feel overwhelmed with a new dog. We feel your pain, but don't mistake hiring a dog trainer to do all the work for you. The truth is, dog training never ends, and you'll have to take over at some point.

At Companion Coach, we believe you deserve to know how to train your dog for a lifetime. Our dog trainers create customized private lessons designed specifically for your dog. We will teach you and your family everything you need to know to raise a well-behaved dog so you can live a long and happy life together.

Quick Learning

We don't just train dogs; we teach you and your family skills to raise and work with your new puppy to get positive results in only a few sessions.

Custom Training

We personalize obedience training in the comfort of your home and in a safe and effective environment for your dog to fit your unique challenges.

No Confusing

We offer a reasonable easy flat price that will fit your training needs and give you the tools for success.

Create a bond with your dog that lasts a lifetime.

You deserve to have a well-behaved companion for life.

Are you tired of your puppy nipping, chewing, digging, or destroying everything? Do you have a hard time with potty training or crate training? Are you afraid your dog will run away or bolt out the door?

Captivate your dog's attention. We take the guesswork out of canine companionship with custom lesson plans to reach your training goals.
Communicate with your dog like never before. We teach you the art of canine communication: it's unfair to expect your dog to listen if they don't understand. We'll teach you how.
Create the life you and your dog deserve. We prepare you for all your adventures: learn how to raise and train your dog for life.

At Companion Coach, we can help you live stress-free with a well-behaved dog. Our in-home dog training fits all ages, sizes, and breeds. You and your family will benefit from highly personalized private lesson plans that will give you the confidence to take your dog anywhere. In 5-8 lessons, your puppy will learn house training basic commands such as come, sit, down, stay, place, heel, off, quiet, and leave it, which will last a lifetime. Book your free consultation today! We'll come to you!

Dog's behavior that you will see no more:

  • Leash Pulling
  • Excessive Barking
  • Nipping & Destructive Chewing
  • Chasing & Bolting
  • Jumping on Furniture and People
  • Digging & Destroying
Dog training services for a happy new puppy and pet parent in Mesa, AZ.

Our happy customers

It's been an amazing experience working with Loren! Our puppy is learning boundaries and how to be more aware and responsive when we speak to her! Loren has extremely valuable knowledge, and I'm excited to continue our training!

Nichole R.

I want to take a second to brag about our dog trainer. After only 4 visits, our rambunctious pups are different dogs. They enjoy learning, are eager to get their training collars on each morning, and are behaving so much better.

Dani Hawkes

Loren is kind and patient with our 16 week labradoodle. He customizes training according to the dog and welcomes suggestions from the family since it is a group effort. Loren receives our highest praise and recommendation.

Ryan Ahnen

It was a painful process to try and get our pup to listen without feeling like we always we were doing something wrong. He helped us to understand our dog better, take control of situations and the power of positive reinforcement.

Melissa S

3 easy steps for a great training process.

Our training package includes six 1-hour sessions to help you raise a well-behaved dog so you can live a long and happy life together.

Free Consultation

When you request a free demo, we'll drive to your home at your convenience.

Meet Your Dog Trainer

We will discuss your goals and create tailor-made lessons for you.

Start Learning

Learn one-on-one training methods that work for you and your pup.

Get our obedience training package for only $900.

Have peace of mind; you're in good hands.

All of our doctors are experts in Neuro-Structural Restoration and have hundreds of hours of post-graduate education in nutrition, exercise science, pediatrics, pregnancy, neuroscience, chiropractic technique, leadership, and communication. We care about how you feel and guarantee to do our best to help you get better results faster.

We don't just train your dog, we prepare you both for life!

We know dog training is tough. That's why at Companion Coach, we don't just train your dog; we prepare you and your adventure buddy for life!

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