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Hi, I'm Loren, your companion coach. I've been training people in various jobs for over ten years. I love seeing someone's eyes light up when they learn something new. A few years ago, I was working through a depressive disorder and was diagnosed with bipolar and PTSD. I took a chance and adopted a dog, hoping to have a happy friend by my side would help. I knew this would be one of my life's best or worst decisions. As you've probably guessed, it was a life-changing decision. Training Spirit became something I looked forward to every day. With committed and consistent training, Spirit became my service animal. He helped me find my way back into society again. I learned that training him in new things gave me the same rewarding experience as it did teaching people.

After years of working with dog trainers, I realized that it's just as much about teaching people as it is about dogs. There is no greater reward than seeing my client's eyes light up at their well-behaved dog. Training and working with dogs is the best job in the world. I get to do the two things I love: teach people and train dogs.

Companion Coach and Spirit

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